About Portoz.com


Portoz started out from a private collection of useful links and informations, collected over several years of travel and websurfing, particularly oriented towards the south of France for recreational and cultural purposes ( Wine and food !)

At Portoz.com I am making them available to anyone who may drop in, but I do not take any responsabilities for the correctness, or errors, or broken links.

I am based in Norway, so much of the content will suit vistors located in this region - but should hopefully bear relevance wherever you are located.

Links to real estate agents and individuals selling or renting properties, have been included for free. If there are links, content or pictures that should be removed, please advise me.

Some links will take you to sites selling books, DVD's , airline tickets or rental cars etc. I am doing my best only to include links to serious operators, but I cannot guaranty for the content of these external sites. Some of these may contribute a small commission on sales generated by clicks from Portoz.

Such small commissions are the only economical revenues I may receive from operating this site, and may inspire me to develop the site further.

Also, if You have suggestions, or find errors, please notify me by email,
using the adress post @ portoz.com

Emailadresses or personal informations I receive from contacts,
will NEVER be sold og given to a third party.


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